Data Barata's page

My Fall 2011 Schedule

TuTh 10:30AM - 11:45AM Intro Cultural Anthro Alpine Hall 235
TuTh 12:00PM - 1:15PM Intro. To Cultural Anthro Calaveras Hall 145
TuTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMA Anthropology of War (Seminar) Mendocino Hall 4008

Teaching Style survey scores

1. Expert - high - 4
2. Formal Authority - high- 4.125
3. Personal authority - high - 3.875
4. Facilitator - high - 4.125
5. Delegator - moderate - 2.625

For this exercise I used the lower division (first year) GE course Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. I am not sure what to make of these numbers. If I begin this preliminary reflection from the last category - delegator, a moderate score (translation - poor delegator?) seems to be a good description of how I teach this class.
- While my first reaction after seeing 'high' on 'expert' was positive, I am wondering if it is a good quality if a teacher feels he/she is an expert on the subject. Might it then follow that such an expert tends to lecture rather than listen to the students, or try to learn from them or lets them direct their own learning?
- I am not settled yet on the question of expectation. I am yet to fully recover from my first semester's (when I started teaching at CSUS) expectation crisis. I think I had an unrealistic expectation back then (Of course that is in addition to all other transitional challenges associated with being new to a place). I am not sure if my being a poor delegator (some what unconsciously) relates to my struggle to develop a realistic expectation especially for my freshman students.

Some of my Questions (in order of importance)
1.Planning to address various aspects of diversity in my classroom: leaning style, age, gender, class, ‘race’, ethnic, religious, motivational, major/area of concentration, etc especially in general education classes.
2. Assessment: how best and to what extent could we use student-to-student assessment of student learning?
3. How to create collaborative projects, class exercises, and discussion questions.
4. Best ways to incorporate fast growing body of knowledge/literature into my lessons and courses in every subsequent semester