Juliana Raskauskas' page

My Schedule - Fall 2011

CHDV 138 Social & Emotional Dev. Meets Thursday 10:30-11:45 in Tahoe 1007
CHDV 200ab Proseminar in Child Dev. Meets Thursday 5:00-7:50 in EUR 301
CHDV 292 Exam Preparation Seminar

My Teaching Style

Scores Received:

Expert - 3.75 moderate
Formal Authority - 3.12 high
Personal Model - 3.00 moderate
Facilitator - 3.37 moderate
Delegator - 2.87 high

I did not find these scores particularly illuminating. They seem to indicate that I do some of everything and based on the items on the scale I would agree with that. I try to balance teacher and student directed activities, content delivery and application, and individual and group activities.

My Selected Questions

1. How can we get students to engage in more critical thinking by learning cognitive coaching skills?
2. How can I identify options for change when I identify areas of my own teaching that I want to change? (similarly identify options to help peers who I am coaching who wish to make a change).