Coaching Overview

An overview of cognitive coaching by the creators of the process: Art Costa and Robert Garmston

The Definitive Introduction to Cognitive Coaching

Book Chapters

National Teaching __Learning__ Forum
James Rhem writes about Teaching and Coaching (It gets good about line 83...:)

Video Overview (fun and a little loopy, but this student/apprentice teacher is actually on point!)

Research on Coaching

Action Research Project Resources

Videos (while the images are mostly from early elementary context, the content is directly applicable to our context) If you have time, watching these two in their entirety is best. However, if you are pressed for time...
Action Research Pt 1 (I recommend that you start in at about 5' 10" where the discussion of method starts in earnest.)
Action Research Pt 2 (I recommend that you end at about 3' 40")

Costello, P. J. M. (2003). Action Research

Somekha, B. & Zeichnerb, K. (2009). "Action research for educational reform: remodelling action research theories and practices in local contexts." Educational Action Research 17 (1) pp. 5–21

While Nolan and Vader Putten's article is about K-12 education, many of the issues they raise about action research are relevant to our work.

  • Formative assessment

  • Outcome Mapping

Coaching in other contexts

  • Medicine

  • In classroom, office or tutorial

  • Online

Teaching with Style

Teaching with Style by Tony Grasha (see especially, pp. 56-70)

Other university cognitive coaching initiatives

University of Texas

University of Louisville