Roni Jones's page

Educational Leadership
October 2011 (Vol 69, No. 2)

Inventory of Teaching Styles:

Expert: 3
Authority: 3.125
Model: 3.375
Facilitator: 4.75
Delegator: 3.75

I was very interested to complete this survey. I have completed many surveys about learning styles but have never seen one that is focused on my teaching style. Some of the questions were a bit difficult because the course that I teach is so specific. The course format is a more coaching (one on one rather than an instructor with a class of many students). Additionally, the department and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing also set many of the requirements for this course. So I did feel that some of my answers were influenced by this. I felt that some of my answers might have been different if the course I was teaching was different. I was surprised that my score for "Modeling" was so high. Modeling is not part of what I do since my interaction with students is to observe their teaching. I do model certain requirements such as professionalism in my dress and manners so that might account for how I responded to those questions. I would also have liked to have the definitions of these categories so that I could be sure I understood what the authors meant by an "Expert" or "Delegator."

  1. What are the questioning strategies that can most effectively help students think more critically about their own work?
  2. How can I (as the coach) ask questions that would promote deeper analysis of the students' own learning?