Valerie Becker's page
My teaching schedule:
First Year Seminar:
Monday/Wednesday 12 pm AIRC 3006
Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 am Lib 127
Urban Education
Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 pm Eur 114
Perspectives on Leisure (hybrid)
Thursday 9 am Eur 108
Survey Results
Expert: 2.875 (moderate)
Formal/Authority: 3.125 (high)
Personal Model: 3.625 (high)
Facilitator: 4.625 (high)
Delegator: 3.875 (high)
In taking this survey, I experienced my usual frustration with quantitative tools; I always want the "sometimes this/sometimes that" option. I also was torn because all of the courses I teach are GE courses with pre-designed syllabi. There is room for personal interpretation, but the categories of material and the amount covered are not up to me and therefore do not always accurately reflect my expectations for students. I was interested, in taking the survey, to find that I hesitated most when it came to questions about whether I set clear expectations for student work. Perhaps I'd benefit from developing more objective sets of expectations to streamline my grading process. I currently struggle with the subjectivity inherent in grading, and, in all honesty, hope that Cognitive Coaching will provide me with tools to give students more productive feedback.
That said, I was not particularly surprised by the results, as my scores reflect the fact that both departments in which I teach, Teacher Education and Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration, place a high value on student-directed and experiential learning.
(Some of) My Questions:
1. How can I best use the limited (in class and out of class) time to make the most of the teaching/learning experience?
2. What is the most effective format for feedback to build on students' learning and to remove the subjective aspect of traditional grading?
3. How can the aspects of "expert/formal authority" teacher and "facilitator/delegator" teacher be combined to ensure that the ideal student learning experience is achieved?